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Health Engagement

No matter where your people are in their health journey, Cigna is here for them. Whether we connect by telephone, online or via our Cigna Wellbeing ® app, our care management conversation is always the same – how are you, what do you need, and how can we help?

  • For the well – we provide healthy living resources to help them improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Improved health and well-being reduces the effect of poor lifestyle choices on the health of your people and of your plan.
  • For the worried, or ill – our nurses help people choose where and when to be treated, navigating between different referral options and the NHS and private setting. 
  • For those living with a health condition – we provide health and lifestyle resources, helping improve their overall sense of health and well-being.


We work closely with expert health and well-being providers to deliver a joined up health engagement solution, including:

  • primary care
  • health assessments and screening
  • employee assistance programmes
  • online health risk assessment and lifestyle management programmes
  • our health and well-being app, Cigna Wellbeing ® app


We actively engage people with healthy choices. With engagement comes improvement. With improvement comes long term cost control through reduced and better utilisation of plan benefits.

Together we will tackle the root cause of escalating health plan costs.



From our first conversation to understand your plan design and funding needs, through how you want the plan delivered and coordinated with your other health benefits. Whether you want face-to-face account management, or support over the telephone. HealthCare Choices gives you the flexibility you need.

When it comes to choosing how to access care, our nurses and advisors are there for your people every step of the way. We navigate them through:

  • referral by their general practitioner (GP) to certain diagnostic tests – or directly to a specialist. Find out more
  • self - or GP - referral to a physiotherapist, osteopath, chiropractor or cognitive behavioural therapist. Find out more
  • where to have treatment, and importantly, the choice of consultant to deliver their care




Working with Cigna, the first thing you’ll notice is the personal experience. We take the time to get to know you, your organisation and your people. Day to day you'll see just how much we care by providing the support that’s right for you.

You'll discover Cigna delivers. We do the right things, in the best way – meaning less hassle for you. And we provide valuable insights into the health of your people, keeping you on the front foot.

There's no better evidence of this than our client and member surveys, which continue to deliver satisfaction levels of 96 percent and above.

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