Cigna UK Dental Insurance Plans


Designed to help your employees in the best of health.


Access to a good dental plan plays an important role in supporting your employees' health. Giving employees the incentive to visit the dentist regularly helps identify oral health problems and other medical issues before they become painful and costly to resolve. 

Gum disease increases the risk of heart disease, stroke and pre-term birth, and can complicate symptoms associated with diabetes and other medical conditions. The good news is that gum disease can be prevented or slowed with regular dental care.

Regular dental visits can also lead to early diagnosis of oral cancer which is the sixth most common cancer in the world according to the Royal Marsden NHS Trust.

Despite this, nearly a quarter of people don't have a dentist that they visit regularly. Our research shows that the main reason for this is affordability.

Group dental plans can help address these affordability issues. For employers, providing a dental plan for employees can be a sound investment.

A group dental plan will enable employees to seek regular, preventative dental care. In this way, employer dental insurance can provide a benefit that will help prevent future sickness absence and may even help keep private medical insurance premiums down.

Cigna offers a range of employer dental insurance plans to suit different needs from affordable discounted schemes to comprehensive dental cover

All our Dental plans include the following:

  • No annual maximums
  • No pre-joining examination
  • Routine check ups
  • Covers crowns, bridges & dentures
  • Choose any dentist in the UK
  • Unlimited examinations, scale & polishes, x-rays and periodontal treatments
  • Dental implant benefit on levels 2,3 & 4
  • Accident & emergency cover (including sports injuries)

About our employer dental insurance plans


DentaCare offers a simple dental insurance solution for employees with a choice of treatment levels and funding options to suit different needs or 'Full Cover'.


OralHealth is a co-payment dental insurance plan offering five levels of cover that works particularly well within a flexible benefits programme.

Extra benefits

Full Cover

Cigna's Full Cover feature provides full refunds for the cost of treatments covered by DentalCare Levels 3 and 4.

Healthy Discounts

Customers have the chance to pay 20 per cent less for dental treatments when using one of over 400+ approved Healthy Discounts dentists across the UK.