Employee healthcare for small business

UK company health insurance for 2 – 99 employees

  • Tailored plan to your business
  • Convenient digital tools
  • Preventative Care
  • Dental insurance add-on

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A holistic, digital & flexible way to manage your employee health

  • Our medial & dental plans are easy to build and tailored to your small business needs and budget.
  • With our digital tools, your people have fast access to everything they need to support their whole health and wellbeing.
  • We look after the whole person health with access to a range of well-being services and a large medical network.
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Why choose Cigna Health Flex for your small business?

Early dectection & quick intervention

Your employees can refer themselves and go straight to diagnostics and treatment specialists, without having to take time off work to attend a GP appointment.

Cancer Cover

Our highest level of cover includes comprehensive cancer cover, for cancer diagnosis and treatment at all stages of the disease.

Musculoskeletal care

Fast access self-referral for physiotherapist, chiropractor and osteopath.

Support for mental health

Fast access self-referral for all types of emotional well-being concern and alcohol addiction.

Care Management

Our care management approach gives choices along with nurse support and guidance to ensure that the care employees receive is right for them.

Health Engagement

A range of well-being services are designed to help protect from illness and motivate healthy lifestyle choices.

Our Cigna Health Flex plan options

We know that flexibility and affordability are key requirements for employers who have small/medium sized groups of employees. With modular, flexible options, our product range caters for all your corporate health and well-being plan needs.

Health Flex – Level 1

Protect your employees’ health and well-being, even if you’re on a strict budget.

  • Preventative Care to help protect employees from illness

  • Out-patient with full refund. For referrals to a hospital for diagnostic tests, treatments or therapies without the need to stay overnight.

  • Up to £350 per member per year towards a range of well-being services

Health Flex – Level 2

Take care of your employees’ physical and mental well-being to help them stay healthy and productive.

  • Preventative care.

  • Out-patient with full refund or set maximum limits.

  • Up to £350 per member per year towards a range of well-being services.

  • In-patient and day case. Cover for treatment that requires admission to a hospital.

Health Flex – Level 3

Our highest level of cover includes comprehensive cancer cover and chronic condition monitoring.

  • Preventative care.

  • Out-patient with full refund or set maximum limits.

  • Up to £350 per member per year towards a range of well-being services.

  • In-patient and day case.

  • Chronic monitoring. Consultations or diagnostic testing for routine monitoring of a chronic condition.

  • Cancer cover for cancer diagnosis and treatment at all stages of the disease.

Frequently asked questions

Making a claim for treatment is very straightforward, members simply follow the steps below.

Step 1
Whether they have a GP referral or are referring themselves for treatment, they must call their helpline on 01475 492195.

Step 2
Our Customer Services team will pre-authorise their initial consultations or treatment and advise them on next steps.

Step 3
Should further consultations or treatment be required, the Customer Services team will either pre-authorise further cover or put them through to a nurse who will confirm cover as appropriate.

No, we offer self-referral options via our preferred providers for Physiotherapy (Nuffield Health), Mental Health (Nuffield Health), Cancer Diagnostics (Check4Cancer), Detox at Home (Archangel UK). We also offer self-referral to osteopathy or chiropractic treatment with a provider of choice.

We have a number of underwriting options available on our Health Flex palns including Continuing Personal Medical Exclusions (CPME), Medical History Disregarded (MHD), New Moratorium or New Full Medical Underwriting (FMU). Please speak to our sales team for further information.

With Health Flex Level 3, we offer a comprehensive level of cancer cover with a balanced programme of support and clinical expertise provided to those diagnosed with cancer. We’ll pay costs for active and evidence based treatment of a primary cancer or a cancer that has spread from its original site, known as secondary cancer or metastatic spread.

We may cover the costs of participating in a regulated phase III or IV clinical trial in the United Kingdom in conjunction with the commonly accepted, established and effective evidence based treatment and where there is perceived advantage to the trial treatment.

We also pay a contribution towards wigs and mastectomy bras for members undergoing cancer treatment.

It’s important to note that the cancer treatments we cover may not necessarily cure the disease but are given to control and maintain tumour size. Cover ends when this treatment is no longer effective at shrinking the cancer, stabilising it or slowing the spread of the disease and is only serving to keep the patient comfortable. At this stage a hospice donation for end of life care is available.

We offer Dental and Travel insurances as buy-up options. Speak with our sales team for further information.

Cigna Health Flex plans require a minimum of 2 employees.

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