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Page layout image - CIGNA leaf beside headingDiscounts for CIGNA members and their families

CIGNA has become well known with best practice within the field of healthcare. With this in mind we’re pleased to provide member discounts for CIGNA members and their family. Nuffield is a founding member of the CIGNA Connect alliance - designed to bring together leading providers of employee health solutions. We’re pleased to offer the following discounted services in partnership with Nuffield Health:

Health screening

Looking after your health makes sense. With the UK’s most advanced range of health assessments, Nuffield Health helps you take an active role in developing your health and wellbeing.

Find out more about our health screening discount

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation

Nuffield Health provides a comprehensive range of physiotherapy treatments from short courses to extended rehabilitation programmes all tailored to ensure the most effective and swiftest recovery.

Find out more about our physiotherapy and rehabilitation discount

Fitness and wellbeing

Access a wide range of fitness and wellbeing activities all under one roof through our discounted fitness and wellbeing services.

Find out more about our fitness and wellbeing discount


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