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About Cigna


Operating in the UK market since 1983, we are one of the UK's leading providers of managed employee healthcare benefits and services. These include medical insurance, dental plans and well-being programmes. Cigna has been traditionally viewed as an expert in the large corporate sector, but we have been rapidly expanding our capabilities and have a growing portfolio of small corporate clients. We believe in working in partnership with companies to support their employee healthcare needs.

Cigna Worldwide

The Cigna Corporation and its subsidiaries constitute one of the largest publicly owned employee benefits organisations in the United States. We're one of the few health benefits companies with a comprehensive portfolio of health, pharmacy, behavioural, risk and international businesses.

Cigna is ranked 130 in the Fortune 500 and 467 in the Global 500. As at December 2011, Cigna Corporation had shareholders equity of $6.7 billion and revenues totalled $22 billion.

Our international division operates in 29 countries and services members in more than 200 locations around the world. The division employs over 15,000 experienced professionals. For the year ended 31st December 2011, revenues for Cigna International were $3.1 billion and UK revenues were over £123 million.

Cigna in the UK

In the UK our aim is to help employers to effectively manage employee health benefits and employee health risks. We do this by providing leading edge absence management services, dental benefit solutions and healthcare plans and by supporting each of our services with complementary well-being management services. As a result we're supporting over 8000 employees a year back to work, are growing the medical benefits market and we are also proud to say that we are a leading provider of dental benefits in the UK.

Our clients are increasingly looking for ways to integrate their health benefits and services to more effectively control the impact and cost of ill health whilst caring for their colleagues and providing a competitive benefits package. Cigna can provide integrated solutions including acting as a gatekeeper for other providers' services.

We believe challenging corporate values are key to the success of our business and all of our employees are committed to demonstrating this in all they do. Our values are:

  • Have the best people
  • Know our customers
  • Nail the basics
  • Improve all the time
  • Live and breathe performance

Our aim is to continually challenge ourselves to demonstrate continuing improvement and everyone in the business is an acknowledged part of that success.

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